Let's all rise together through peer learning

Gather with your pastoral and church leader peers at Learning
-- NOW Online. Deepen friendship, extend network, gain new knowledge and insight, share your experience and expertise.
As lifelong learners, this is a great way to build each other up!

Multi-Topic Zoom Cohort

ALL REBA Pastors and Leaders Invited

Every Tuesday morning, 9:30 am online

Zoom link:


Let's encourage, intercede for, and equip one another during this time of unprecedented ministry challenge.


Race Relations Zoom Cohort

ALL REBA Pastors and Leaders Invited

Every Thursday morning,

9:00 am online beginning August 13

Featured resource: Jemar Tisby's Color of Compromise

(This is a combined RightNow Media Group/Zoom Room event. Log in to BOTH to participate.)

Zoom link:


RightNow Media Group link:


Your REBA Pastors' gift subscription to RightNow Media serves as

a source to prime our cohort discussions. If you haven't received your invitation to RNM, contact me immediately, 707.249.4139 or domlawler@att.net, and we'll be sure to hook you up.