Rise together through peer friendships

Gather with your pastoral and church leader peers every Tuesday
at 9:30 am. The Fellowship  is Online. 

Deepen friendship, extend network, gain new knowledge and insight, share your experience and expertise, and best of all, pray for one another!

As lifelong learners, this is a great way to build each other up!

Here's your link:

Pastors and Leaders' Zoom Fellowship 

ALL REBA Pastors and Leaders Invited

Every Tuesday morning, 9:30 am online

Your REBA Pastors' gift subscription to RightNow Media serves as a source to prime our discussions. If you haven't received your invitation to RNM, contact me immediately, 707.249.4139 or domlawler@att.net, and we'll be sure to hook you up.

ALSO, access this great, FREE video archive to equip and inspire your ministry and discover topics for our Peer Learning Cohort discussions.