Pastor searches

So much rises or falls on leadership. Pray that our REBA Pastors will lead their churches to
new heights of faithfulness and fruitfulness.

  • pray for leadership searches

    Lift up the Pastor Search Committee of Castlewood Baptist Church, Vallejo and Living Word Church in Novato. Other churches currently in need of pastoral leadership are True Love Church Fairfield, First Baptist Fairfield, Emmanuel Christian Community Church Fairfield,  Solano Chinese Christian Church Vacaville, First Baptist Vacaville, and (for a replanting pastor) First Baptist Calistoga.

  • north hills church, vallejo

    North Hills has called Daniel Barrett as their Senior Executive Pastor. We welcome Daniel to the Redwood Empire. Encourage this seasoned leader as he guides North Hills Church and the North Hills Christian School into a bright future. You can send your best wishes to