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The interlocking arrows in our logo represent the three essential missional activities of every follower of Jesus and every corporate body of believers. The Redwood Empire is committed to help our churches succeed in these essential activities. They are:

Incarnational Ministry, Embraceable Evangelism, and Lifestyle Discipleship.

Our Vision of success in these areas includes healthier existing churches and strategic Church Planting.

PLEASE SUBMIT, via email, a Missional Goals Inventory (downloaded here) to give your Mission Catalyst a baseline for creating partnerships and cross-training within the Association.

So, what do we mean by Incarnational Ministry, Embraceable Evangelism,
Lifestyle Discipleship, and Church Planting?
See our definitions below ...

The Blue Arrow in our logo represents Incarnational Ministry. Jesus of Nazareth was God with skin on, engaging his community to meet needs and build relationships. Now it's our turn to do the same. How do YOUR church members put skin on Jesus through service to their neighborhoods? 

When we connect with one another, we learn from each other and grow together as partners in Incarnational Ministry. In groups, church leaders can discuss means and methods and plan shared ministry activity. 

Get to know your INCARNATIONAL MINISTRY CATALYST, Rondall Leggett.

He has wisdom and experience in leading Incarnational ministry

Jesus was a spring of living water to all who thirsted. Through Associational partnerships, we can be wellsprings of spiritual refreshment, too, and give people a glimpse of their Maker, their Savior, and their Lord.

Whoever believes in Me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them. John 7:38

The Red Arrow represents Embraceable Evangelism. The good news about Jesus is that He loved us to the uttermost. The ancient story of His redemptive sacrifice flows down through the centuries into the moment when His story and ours intersect. When we tell God’s story with our story as a love story, our evangelism becomes extremely embraceable. How good are the members of your church at telling their story as a Jesus story? 

Let's partner with one another. Let's show each other how we train and develop embraceable evangelists. We can brainstorm, innovate, and develop new ways to publish and broadcast our stories of redemption and new life. 

'His Story, Mine' video archive

Together, we can break through the old methodologies of "sales pitch evangelism" and "theological debating." Instead, we can tell authentic stories of Christ's magnetic and transforming love. VIEW some authentic love stories

at HIS STORY, MINE, our video evangelism archive!

John 3:16;  1 John 3:16

The Green Arrow in the logo represents Lifestyle Discipleship. Those who encounter Christ through the service of incarnational people, and who hear His timeless and contemporary story, will want to follow Him. How does your church intentionally develop disciples for a life of followship - How do you shape people who live with Him, through Him, and for Him, every day? 

Bring in your Mission Catalyst, Bob Lawler, to lead a Disciple Making Systems Workshop at your church. Identify and own your own essential definition of a disciple and begin building an intentional system for making them.  Call now,  707.249.4139.

How can REBA churches partner for Lifestyle DiscipleshipCan we offer the disciple-makers in our own church as trainers and coaches to another? Can we share our spiritual formation processes with one another, and our insights on how to unfold new believers into mature ministers and mentors? 

Partnership in Discipleship can begin with connections and conversations in your Peer Learning Cohort. See the Cohort Calendar HERE.

.. .we will be mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full and complete

standard of Christ.       Ephesians 4:13

Our logo has an inner circle and an outer circle. The inner circle represents the strengthening of our existing core of churches. The outer circle represents the planting of new churches. Imagine the logo as not just revolving in a continuous cycle of ministry, evangelism, and discipleship. See it, also, as continuously expanding as existing churches partner to plant new churches!

Can we plant a new church every year in each of our REBA counties? Will you engage in a church planting partnership with your sister churches and support a church planter with prayer, equipping, manpower, or finances?

Get to know your CHURCH PLANTING CATALYST - Howard Burkhart.

Plug into what's happening right HERE to connect to Church Planting.

"... to the church that meets in your home: Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."    Philemon 2