Race Matters

Discrimination based on race, culture, class … it's evident throughout the Bible and all through human history. Nevertheless, racism is contrary to the gospel of love and justice. Please engage and employ these resources. Be part of the solution to eradicate discrimination of all kinds in your churches and in your community. 

  • Undivided/reconciliation - video series


    In this free, 5-week video series and discussion guide, pastors J.D. Greear and Dhati Lewis unpack what it looks like to move your church toward genuine gospel community across racial lines.

  • Undivided/more than a hashtag - video series


    This series invites church leaders and their congregations into the living room for candid, gracious, biblical conversations about race. Join nine Christian leaders as they share what’s on their hearts and engage lovingly with one another.

  • "RESOLVED, That we lament and repudiate historic acts of evil such as slavery from which we continue to reap a bitter harvest, and we recognize that the racism which yet plagues our culture today is inextricably tied to the past; and

    Be it further RESOLVED, That we apologize to all African-Americans for condoning and/or perpetuating individual and systemic racism in our lifetime ... we hereby commit ourselves to eradicate racism in all its forms from Southern Baptist life and ministry."