'Count the Cost'

Count the Cost is a process developed by former California Southern Baptist Convention Executive Director Bill Agee to assist healthy churches, churches needing revitalization, and new church plants.

The process is based on Luke 14:28:  "For which of you, intending
to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it ... ."

Count the Cost helps your church's planning process by giving you a glimpse into the future, showing potential dangers and guiding you in mapping out a plan to achieve your vision. According to Dr. Agee, by using Count the Cost, your church will not only know what you are starting with and what you hope to end with, but you will also see what the middle looks like, mileposts to guide your progress toward your goals!

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Delivering on your Dream

Areas covered by Count the Cost include determining the current reality of my church, dreaming where my church could be in five years, a month-by-month growth plan to get to that dream, and consulting to address the "rocks," or obstacles, that keep us from growing.

Two of the greatest deliverables from completing a "Count the Cost" plan are:

A month-to-month breakdown of where God can take you on this journey; and

A growth plan, based on projections, detailing how many relationships must be established and when, and how many church leaders must to be trained for service and when.

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