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Camp Caz currently offers 100 beds across 14 cabins, a spacious dining hall, cozy lodge, and conference room. The hillside Chapel is newly renovated and the Prayer Garden boasts exotic birds and a fireplace. Water fun in Austin Creek, basketball, volleyball, and archery are just some of the outdoor activities to enjoy. At night, gather 'round the iconic fire pit. Roast your marshmallows or just count the stars glistening through the Redwood treetops. Check out all of Camp Cazadero's amenities and camping possibilities at

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  • "The Great Escape" 2024 Kids Camp
    Sunday, July 21- Thursday, July 25

    The world we live in can capture our kids and lock them into its unhealthy and destructive patterns. But the Word and Spirit of God will help them escape the consequences of worldly living; that's why we're not neglecting the good news of freedom and salvation this summer. Hebrews 2:3 asks, "How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?"  This year's camp theme is "The Great Escape."

    Register today as an Adult Counselor and sign up your kid Campers and your teenage Counselors-in-Training below. There's NO Price Increase for 2024 - we're still at $275 for Campers and CITs, and $225 for Adults!

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