50+ Churches, 1 MISSION

the REBA Mission Statement -

"The association of churches known as the Redwood Empire Baptist

Association (REBA) exists to expand the Kingdom of God through dynamic missional partnerships formed and led by REBA church members and
focused on the California counties of Napa, Sonoma, Solano, and Marin."

Together, we promote, equip for, and participate in Incarnational Ministry, Embraceable Evangelism, and Lifestyle Discipleship resulting in healthy, growing churches and strategic Church Planting.

REBA churches affirm the Baptist Faith & Message and support the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention.

  • Download a Missional Goals Inventory to fill out and return by email. Give us insights into your church's strengths and needs
    Download the Inventory HERE.

  • Apply to become a member church of the Redwood Empire.
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A key means of generating missional partnerships in our association of churches is through our Peer Learning Cohorts.

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peer learning cohorts

REBA pastors and  church leaders connect in learning cohorts located on the east and west sides of the association.

By connecting with one another, camaraderie and communication kick start the formation of partnerships. 

Our discussions reveal our strengths, needs, and opportunities. Dreaming
and vision capturing take place, as joint ministry plans begin to take shape. 

The seeds of collaborative Kingdom activity take root and sprout in cohort gatherings.

See the Cohort Calendar HERE.

PHOTO: Back Row - Mission Catalyst Bob Lawler, Jeffrey Wu, Pastor Vic Russell, Pastor Paul Sheldon, Dr. Gary Cragun,
and Pastor Tito Raiz.  Front Row - Pastor Reginald Brown, Charles Vincent, and Pastor Luis Rosales.